CM Storm Sonuz – Hardware Review
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Developer: Cooler Master
Publisher: Cooler Master
Platform: PC

CM Storm Sonuz – Hardware Review

Good: Another bulky yet handsome competitor!
Bad: Misses a few fun features
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Recently we discussed Thrustmaster’s bulky Y-250 which proved to be a quality item. Today we have the chance to try out another bulky headset this time from Cooler Master, which just happens to be in the same price range. We all know a comfortable headset is one of those things that is necessary for online gaming nowadays. Let’s decide if the Y-250 is going from a worthy pilot helmet, to a ‘mere’ co-pilot.


Again we’re going off on first impressions and the overall appearance does not disappoint. The headset may be another bulky one, but it’s quite streamlined for its size. Only the microphone piece may look a little bit out of place, nonetheless it all makes a nice looking whole.

The ear padding would have looked slightly better if they were more incorporated in the design but this is probably just me whining. The ear padding itself is created out of a sponge like substance which overlaps your ears entirely. Normally this should block out most of the area sounds around you, however because of the material it doesn’t. For some this might be a plus, for others probably not.

Connecting the headset is again a simple matter of plug and play. The headset uses the standard audio and microphone jacks, making it easy to actually connect to your computer. This also provides the option to simply use it for only one of the 2 options. The only minor setback here is that there is no indication on the jacks on where to plug them in. (Audio or mic) Realizing it’s only a matter of memorizing which color goes where, this might prove to be a slight annoyance for people who aren’t familiar with color codes for plugs.


There is a control mechanism incorporated in the cable itself, preventing connecting several parts of cables to create a functional headset. This makes the CM Storm Sonuz a little easier to take along with you to different locations, without actually forgetting important parts of your cable. Sadly the control mechanism only allows you to turn your microphone on or off and allows you to control the overall volume. Even though these are the key factors for a headset, being able to adjust bass settings, microphone volume, background noise and so on, would have been a huge plus. Compared to Thrustmasters Y-250, the Sonuz is a little lacking in this area.

Removing the microphone is also one of the features of the CM Storm Sonuz, which makes it a little less awkward when you’re simply enjoying music. You’re not only able to remove the microphone, you’re also able to place it on the other side of the headset. A fun feature, which will surely be appreciated by a decent amount of people.

Sound quality is surely something the Sonuz provides. Not being able to arrange bass settings and so on, are easily forgotten when actually using the headset. Simply put, the sound is clear and what you expect it to be.


Own opinion:

Appearance wise I love how the CM Storm Sonuz looks, it’s yet another bulky, yet handsome piece of hardware. Being bulky does not limit its actually degree of comfort. I was skeptic about the sponge like padding, because this kind of material tends to irritate me quite rapidly. I was pleasantly surprised that I could use the Sonuz for hours, without the material bothering me, and I can easily say it felt very comfortable to use.

The only bother was, being used to being able to arrange the bass settings on the headset itself, I quite missed having it on the Sonuz. This does not mean I was disappointed about the sound quality the headset provided me, I simply love having extra features that are easy to use.

Overall the Sonuz is surely worth its price. Having a little less options than the Thrustmaster Y-250 models, the Sonuz will sadly be deemed as co-pilot for now. In the end, when it comes to overall quality it will simply be a matter of taste when it comes to design, padding and what not. It’s easy to say the Sonuz is still a hardware piece that provides you with the necessary quality, that comes with its price range.

Note: For a full list of specs, click here.

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Rating: 9.6/10 (8 votes cast)
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CM Storm Sonuz - Hardware Review, 9.6 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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