Cobra Kai: Card Fighter Steps Into The Ring Of iOS And Android


Publisher Boss Team Games, also known for their Evil Dead: The Game, together with developer Gamaga, known for Banana Kong, are proud to release Cobra Kai: Card Fighter. Cobra Kai is a strategic turn-based fighting game that is now ready to rumble on both iOS and Android phones. The game is based on the hit Netflix series Cobra Kai and it flexes its moves today with an early rollout on the App and Google Play stores.

The game will present players with 16 characters from the show, each with their own unique combos that can be game-changing in battle. By collecting hundreds of cards one can build a sturdy unique deck of powerful karate moves and create their own style in a turn-based fight.

Key Features:

  • Players fight for glory by utilizing a simple combat system that becomes more strategic and fast-paced as rare Wild Cards and special combos are introduced to create advantages and secure an upper-hand in battle.
  • Prospective black belts can take the fight online against other players, where glory awaits in a competitive, synchronous multiplayer mode against other fighters from around the world.
  • Build up students from cream puffs to champions by leveling them up, expanding Cobra Kai or Miyagi-Do to recruit new fighters, and compete in the All Valley Karate Tournament. Future content expansion plans will add stories from the third season of Cobra Kai and beyond, alongside new competitive tournaments, with additional characters and cards available via a special “Sensei Pass” at launch.
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