Comic Block March 2016 – Review
Follow Subscription box: Comic Block
Company: Nerd Block Inc.
Month: March 2016
Price: $19.99

Comic Block March 2016 – Review

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Remember those times where you went to playgrounds and carnivals as a kid and there would be one stand with mystery bags? The feeling of buying the bag, not knowing what you’d receive in return, was exhilarating. Once you revealed its contents, you’d either be thrilled or you’d be disappointed, walking away with a head bowed down. The Comic Block has the same concept, except for the fact that the general theme is already revealed.

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The Comic Block is a fairly new concept of the company that has also brought us Nerd Block several years ago. At first, the block was filled with three comics, the obligatory T-shirt and one silly collectible. Fans of comic books and the universes these were set in, could still fall in love with the block but the block felt far too light compared to the other products Nerd Block offered. Now, the block has mutated into the same size as the other boxes (Classic, Arcade, Horror and Sci-fi) and the new block is packed with four to six goodies.

Subscription boxes is not a new term for us but for those of you who are not yet familiar with these boxes, here’s the deal. You pay a monthly fee and the company will ship you a box full of mystery goodies once the time is up. Each company is different but with Nerd Block you always have a rough idea of its contents as they slowly reveal the themes of each box. While T-shirts are a common goodie in their boxes, it’s safe to expect a comic or three if the Comic Block as well. So without further ado, let’s dig into the Comic Block of March 2016.

Comic Block March16 - 002

Here’s what you can find in the March 2016 Comic Block:

  • Exclusive Shirt Punch Superman T-shirt
  • Batman or Superman Funko Pop! from the Batman vs. Superman franchise
  • Wolverine Dorbz vinyl figure
  • J’s April Fool’s Kit
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice glow in the dark car decal
  • Batman print
  • Three Batman and Superman themed comics

Comic Block March16 - 007

The T-shirt is an exclusive Shirt Punch shirt that kicks off the theme of the box. Typically, these shirts are priced around $10. Knowing Shirt Punch, the fit and fabric are superb but its Superman design seems like a lesser quality. Nonetheless, it’s still a cool shirt and we’d happily wear it.

Comic Block March16 - 003

Funko is a brand that is quite common in the subscription boxes as of lately. In fact, this block has two Funko items! The Wolverine Dorbz seems to stand out quite more as this is the only goodie that is not in theme with the rest. I’m a huge fan of the X-men universe so I’m stoked it’s in here although it’s not something we would have picked up for its $10 price-tag although price guides claim it to be worth $6.

The second Funko item is either a Funko Pop! Batman or Superman from the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice  franchise. We were lucky enough to receive the Batman pop which looks badass with his batman boomerang, better known as the batarang. This one costs between $10-$15, depending on where you buy it from.

Comic Block March16 - 004

The next two items, Mr. J’s April Fool’s Kit and the Batman v Superman car decal are block fillers but fans of the DC Universe will be able to put these items into good use. Mr. J’s April Fool’s Kit came a bit too late to prank people but we can always find a great moment to use the whoopee cushion and fake ice cubes. Shirt Punch offers the kit for $1 but Amazon has it for about $5 so the price range is fairly wide. The decal glows in the dark and while it’s advertised as a car decal, you can easily slap it on your wall, laptop or any other surface you may find suitable for it. This is a perfect filler for those looking to upgrade their mancave. We weren’t able to find its general price-tag so we’ll count it as $5.

Comic Block March16 - 005

Finally the items we’ve been waiting for. This block offers three comics that continue the Batman v. Superman theme: The Dark Knight Returns #1 ($1), Superman #50 ($4.99) and Batman & Robin #1 ($2.99). These are great comics and a perfect way to start your comic book collection if you haven’t started one already. The fact that they come in a clear plastic bag and a carton to keep them upright is only a plus.

Comic Block March16 - 006The last item in this box is the Batman print of Adam West portraying the Caped Crusader. The glossy print is slightly bigger than the comics and of a good quality paper, making it perfect to frame it and sweeten up that dark mancave of yours. We couldn’t find the price tag for this one but we’ll put a price on it of $10 seeing as it’s of a good quality.




The mutated Comic Block now costs $19.99 without shipping but the contents of the box surpasses that value by three-fold rather easily. While we are not a huge fan of the DC Universe in general, we were quite stoked with the contents and we’re looking forward to the next box which will sport items of The Avengers, The Flash and Black Panther.

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