Contest: Moon Boi T-Shirt and Sticker Pack

Contest: Moon Boi T-Shirt and Sticker Pack

Even though we like giving away games, movies and other gaming accessories, sometimes we also just want to look good. While many businesses may still be closed with the ongoing pandemic, it doesn’t you cannot be at your A-game when sitting on the sofa, doing what you do best: relax! This time we have partnered up with a brand-new amazingly cool T-shirt brand, Moon Boi. While the company may only have three different shirts on display on their official website, we are sure they will bring out more items soon. For our next giveaway, you can win a T-shirt (in a size of your choosing) + a sticker pack.

We’re going to keep things very simple for this one, as you’ll just have to guess the number of participants for this contest, by its deadline on Sunday the 11th of April.

Mail your answers to with as header Moon Boi before the end of the giveaway.

Credit: Moon Boi official site (listed in the contest text)

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