Cooler Master announces MasterKeys Lite L Combo and MasterPulse in-ear headset

Cooler Master announces MasterKeys Lite L Combo and MasterPulse in-ear headset

Cooler Master, the leading manufacturer of desktop components and peripherals, announced a new combo pack to strengthen their line-up. The MasterKeys Lite L Combo includes a keyboard that has mem-chanical switches and splash-resistant RGB leds as well as a mouse packed for the serious gamers among us in one neat little package. The MasterPulse in-ear headset is a Bass FX headset that lets you choose the amount of bass, excellent for those Pokémon GO runs.

The keyboard is equipped with Cooler Master’s exclusive mem-mechanical switches which makes the keyboard extremely durable. The RBG backlight has multiple lightning effects, allowing the player to create the perfect atmosphere. Thanks to the 26-Key Anti Ghosting system, each key press is correctly detected regardless of how fast or furiously you are slamming the keys. The top F-keys offer several multimedia shortcuts that allows you to play/pause and stop your music, perfect for when someone comes to disturb you. Naturally, each key can be customized with the Cherry MX compatible keycaps and if you are thirsty during those lengthy gaming sessions, you can no longer fear for the lifetime of your keyboard because this one is water splash resistant.

The mouse has an infrared Avago 3050 sensor, a precise and stable optical sensor to follow your quick moves. The main L+R buttons have 10M rated Omron switches allowing a faster response rate. Like the keyboard, the mouse comes with two zones of RGB lightning that will only compliment the keyboard and the lightning effects can be carried over. A dedicated DPI button to cycle through various DPI levels will allow you to switch between settings on the fly. The smooth Teflon mouse feet cannot be stopped by whatever surface you throw at it, your aim will be undisturbed. MasterKeys Lite L Combo Qwerty and Azerty releases in week 31 and will be available for a price of €59.95.

As mentioned before, the MasterPulse in-ear headset is a light headset comprised of aluminum housing that protects the inner parts from rough usage during your lengthy Pokémon GO adventures or boring train rides. The Bass FX boost makes the sound rounder, smoother and more powerful and allows the user to choose the amount of bass without having to fiddle around with settings. It wouldn’t be a full-fledged gaming headset without a high-quality microphone that offers accurate and clear voice quality and an inline remote that lets you control media on your smartphone, tablet or PC. The MasterPulse in-ear with Bass FX headset arrives a week before the keyboard and mouse combo-pack and is said to cost €44.95.

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