Corpse Keeper will be coming out soon in Early Access

Corpse Keeper will be coming out soon in Early Access

Melancholia Studio and Thermite Games have announced that their gothic roguelike Corpse Keeper will be coming out in Early Access for PC on the 15th of February. Placing players in the shoes of a necromancer, they’ll be tasked with forming a squad of three deceased warriors in order to free Lenste’s cathedral.

Featuring over 30 different characters with unique move-sets and traits, the game is set to offer even more content as development progresses. While the warriors themselves are mighty, their bodies will decay during exploration, requiring players to juggle their resources in order to mitigate decay while still obtaining new corpses.

Focusing on methodical melees akin to fighting games, the game will see players exploring six unique environments while slaying demons and gathering resources. Along the way, they’ll also encounter helpful facilities and important choices that will make or break runs. The game will be out next month for $19.99/€19.50 at a 10% discount throughout the game’s launch week

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Corpse Keeper will be coming out soon in Early Access, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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