Crossout – The Wastelands first Football Championship

Crossout – The Wastelands first Football Championship

Crossout players prepare yourselves! The Wasteland’s first Football Championship is ready for kick-off. Teams of three will face off with heavily armed vehicles in a massive stadium that was built from the ashes of the Wasteland.

Players will use a custom Crossout car that is specialized for football. The car will have a Crossbow to kick or pass the ball and a Harpoon to grab the ball and pull it. These weapons are completely harmless to other vehicles but can be used against your opponents. The rules for post-apocalyptic are: there are no rules! Teams have to use the best strategy and utilize their weapons to stand a chance to win. Victory is rewarded to the team that scored the most goals in a five-minute long match. However, if there is a draw at the end of the five minutes there will be overtime granted.

Players that participate or even win will receive exclusive decals and decorative items for their Crossout vehicles, it’s up to the players if they keep these or sell them to other survivors on the marketplace. In the end, it’s all about performing some of the best free kicks of all time, and make a name for yourself in the apocalyptic wastelands of Crossout.

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