Most Talented Football Players In FIFA 20

Most Talented Football Players In FIFA 20

Keeping up to the name of the FIFA franchise, FIFA 20 is the latest arrival in the soccer world. With this new player’s marvel, character motion has inched closer to reality, and the graphical interface has also been updated.

Right from FIFA Ultimate Team Mode to the introduction of brand new national teams, FIFA 20 is a satisfying upgrade over its previous versions. From an array of new leagues, the leaderboard of the top 10 players of FIFA 20 is here, based on their real-world performances and the player’s choices.

Lionel Messi

The 32-year old Argentine is undoubtedly the best player of FIFA 20 with an incredible rating of 94. A passing stat of 92 elevates the rating of Lionel Messi to a great extent, and he finally gets the much-deserved upgrade. Other significant stats of 87-pace, 92-shooting, and 96-dribbling define the legendary gameplay of this Barca maestro.

Cristiano Ronaldo

With a new playable team of Piemonte Calcio, Cristiano Ronaldo holds the rating of 93, strongly. He has a passing stat of 82, which is very prompt amongst the other players of FIFA 20. His physical attributes like sprint speed, agility, acceleration, and stamina give a massive boost to his ratings in the global scoreboard.

Neymar Jr.

The marvel of Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar Jr. is one of the most sought after players of FIFA 20. Maintaining a semblance with real-life statistics, he has a pace of 91, shooting speed of 85 and dribbling of 95, which is next in line with the senior-most players of the game. His overall score is 92, thus leaving a tiny gap from the contemporary soccer legends.

Eden Hazard

Shooting at the rate of 82, Eden Hazard is the cornerstone of Real Madrid in the FIFA 20. With a total score of 94 in dribbling, 86 passing stat and 83 in shooting, he is making the best of his physical capabilities at the age of 28 and has an overall score of 91. His trait of beat offside trap puts him in the pavilion of fan favorites.

Takefusa Kubo

The development of Takefusa Kubo in FIFA 20 has been greatly depicted in the ultimate gameplay, very well. At the young age of 18, he is an ace player of Real Madrid and takes excellent advantage of his body weight to maintain acceleration, agility, and balance to get a score of 89. He has 79 in dribbling and 78 in ball control. Such scores contribute to making him a fan-favorite and thus, an essential mention in the most talented football players of FIFA 20.

Kevin De Bruyne

Staying at par with the topmost players, De Bruyne also has an overall score of 91, owing greatly to his fantastic passing stat of 92. He scores 61 in defense, which is the highest amongst the global top 5 players of FIFA 20. The CPU AI has also included diving into tackles for De Bruyne which is a player’s spectacle.

Jan Oblak

With his acrobatic clearance, Jan Oblak is a goalkeeper from Atlético de Madrid who holds an overall score of 91 in the leaderboard of FIFA 20. His accurate positioning rewards him 90 points, thus making him a valuable possession in the FIFA 20 League matches. His development rate is 50, and one can surely make the best use of his timely goalkeeping attributes with the best gameplay.

Virgil van Dijik

Creating a long-passing player with CPU AI, Dijik holds an overall score of 90, playing from the team of Liverpool. His physical attributes fetch him 86 points, making him a quick dodger and diver, making his swift movements with the ball. He uses his complete strength to defend the ball with side tackle and marking tactics, as his primary defense mechanisms.

Mohamed Salah

This 28-year old player is one of the main pillars of Liverpool, scoring 90 on the overall parameters. Being a clinical finisher, he makes the best use of body acceleration, balance, sprint speed, and agility to handle his physical postures on the field. His pace has been rewarded 93 points, making him a swift team player and fast dribbler.

Luka Modrić

A strong player from Real Madrid, Luka Modrić has made his name in the top 10 players of FIFA 20 with an excellent overall score of 90. His agility allows him to have a passing grade of 89 and 90 in dribbling. His defense skills rate up to 72 on the competency scale, making him a valued team player.

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