Football Game – Review
Follow Genre: Point and click
Developer: Cloak and Dagger Games
Publisher: Cloak and Dagger Games
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Football Game – Review

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Unlike what you might except, Football Game hasn’t got much to do with football at all. You won’t be playing football matches or anything, in fact, your character Tommy is a high school football hero, but isn’t playing tonight. He’s got other things on his mind, more particularly his girlfriend Suzy. Love is never easy, and Tommy is sure to find that out.

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While the game is meant to be story driven, there is actually not much to say about the story. The story is set in the eighties. Your character Tommy is a successful football player in his high school’s team, but while there is a match tonight, you are not playing along. We’re not too sure why that is, but fact is that you’re in your room at home, and you can under no circumstance leave the house, your mother will make sure of that. Nonetheless, you find a way to get to the game anyhow, as you’ve arranged to meet up with your girlfriend Suzy there. Tommy has a present that he’s dying to give her, but once he arrives at the game, Suzy is nowhere to be found. From here on, your only goal is to find Suzy, but flashbacks will slowly make you realize that it isn’t going to be as straightforward as you initially might have thought.

The story doesn’t start off that bad, but the majority of the game you will actually just be roaming around looking for Suzy, without much story content added. Also, the ending is quite abrupt and random, which just felt a bit awkward. We feel like the developers could have done more with the story than they have, even for a game that only takes about an hour to complete. As there are so many point and click games out there, a game has to stand out to attract gamers, but in this case, the developers didn’t really manage to do that.

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Graphically, the game has quite a unique look to it, yet it doesn’t particularly appeal. Most of the game looks pixilated, except in dialogues, then you will get a better look at the characters’ faces. The pixilated look definitely suits the game, but it’s the darkness of it that is a bit annoying. Even after putting the settings on the highest contrast, the game still looks very dark. It is of course set at night, but still, we found it too dark to be very appealing.


Sound wise, there is not that much to say, as for the most part, there is no music at all. Conversations aren’t voiced either, so you’ll mostly be playing in silence. Every now and then, there is a bit of music, which fits the eighties setting, , but otherwise, the game is quite dull when it comes to sound.

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Football Game is a basic point and click game. You’ll have to roam around and look for clues as to where Suzy could be, and how to overcome the obstacles on your path. Apart from the introduction you get, there is not that much story, so your only objective is to find Suzy, without big side quests to do first. You’ll have to make sure to check out everything and make the correct links in order to progress. This isn’t always that straightforward. While it is often quite simple to see which direction you have to go, how to get there is a different thing. The difficulty level is certainly enjoyable, where you don’t get everything for free, but also don’t have to keep looking in order to progress. The game only takes about an hour to complete, and that’s actually fine. If it took longer, it would start to get boring due to the simplicity of your goal: finding Suzy.

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Football Game isn’t a bad game, certainly not for its price. Nonetheless, the story was a bit simple, the graphics a bit dark, and the sound a bit lacking. The gameplay itself was certainly decent enough though, so if you’ve got a few coins to spare, it’s still worth your while picking this one up. There surely are better point and click games out there, but for this price, we can’t complain.

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Rating: 4.3/10 (3 votes cast)
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Football Game - Review, 4.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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