Crown of the Sunken King DLC for Dark Souls II released

Crown of the Sunken King DLC for Dark Souls II released

The Lost Crowns DLC for Dark Souls II was announced more than a month ago. As of now, the first episode of the DLC, namely Crown of the Sunken King, is available on the Xbox Live Marketplace, Steam and PlayStation Network. Additionally you can buy the Season Pass on Steam and PlayStation Network which will give you access to all three chapters of the DLC as they become available.

In the first chapter you will venture new treacherous lands to reclaim a crown that was once owned by Drangleic’s King Vendrick. The legend is that that the ancient crown lies deep within underground caverns, spanned by stepped pyramids. Items as valuable as the ancient crowns will not be unguarded and you will meet new enemies, traps and bosses in this completely new world of Dark Souls II.

If you haven’t seen the trailer for Crown of the Sunken King, you can do so right here. Without further ado, here are some screenshots of the first episode of The Lost Crowns DLC trilogy.


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