Crown of Three #2 The Lost Realm (Driesterrenkroon #2 Het Verloren Rijk) – Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
Written by: J. D. Rinehart
Publisher: Manteau

Crown of Three #2 The Lost Realm (Driesterrenkroon #2 Het Verloren Rijk) – Book Review

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With the weather getting a lot colder nowadays, we love to bunker down with a good book now and then, whilst creating a cozy environment around us. This brings us to the second (translated) book of Crown of Three, which proved to be a delight and hinted towards a ‘teenager’ version of Game of Thrones at times. We visit a war torn Toronia once again, to see how the three children of the prophecy are holding up, especially seeing the first album ended with an enormous defeat, as Brutan was turned into a zombie, which had the power to turn normal humans into soldiers for his army of the dead.

Crown of Three 2

Just like the first book we follow the three triplets separately, in an alternating order, to keep things rather exciting. While the book starts off by showing you the fate of the triplet’s kind mother, we’ll keep that a secret, in order to make sure nothing is truly spoiled by reading this review.

Gulph finds himself in quite the pickle now that the city is infested with zombies, which are slowly but surely overcoming those who still live and breathe. While he wishes to save as many people as possible, Ossilius, who has taken Gulph under his wing, stresses that he needs to find a sanctuary to regroup and come up with a better plan. Ossilius leads Gulph and a few other stragglers to the halls underneath the city, which only a select few know of, as not even the king knows of its existence. Sadly, due to the magic shock that has awakened Brutan’s skeletal form, the halls are about to collapse, which might crush the weary party to death. They can only march on, but when the floor cracks beneath their feet, there’s only a dark abyss that lurks beneath them.

Elodie was just getting comfortable in her role as leader of a spirit army, as well as a physical army. Nonetheless, they suffered a crushing defeat when trying to liberate the city from Brutan’s horrible reign of terror, which became even more gruesome when he gained the power to create zombie soldiers. To make things even worse, her spirit army is weary and wants to be laid to rest, while Trident is tending to the wounded and currently has no hope of winning any more battles. It seems that liberating the city, as well as Gulph, the brother she hasn’t met yet, will become a near impossible task.

Tarlan has fought alongside Elodie for a bit, but as he is not that great with other humans, he is already yearning to go on another adventure, together with his team of animals. While he also wanted to storm the city to save Gulph, Melchior presents him with a new mission. It seems the wizard has lost his powers and Tarlan is the only one who can help him to get them back. Sadly, to do this, they’ll have to leave Trident behind and leave on a rather dangerous trip.

Events succeed one another quite rapidly in this issue, but you’ll have enough time to process all the events that are unfolding. Nonetheless, you’ll notice that this issue becomes a lot more violent than the first book, as the war is truly raging on now. Before you know it, the casualties are piling up, again invoking that Game of Thrones for teenagers vibe, which actually works quite well for this series. J. D. Rinehart (Graham Edwards) shows he can come up with an interesting plot that still runs very strongly in this second installment of the series. That being said, perhaps for some ten-year olds this series might be a bit too violent, as some gory scenes are described in detail.


Crown of Three #2 The Lost Realm is an exciting continuation of the story that was slowly being laid out in the first issue. In this book you’ll see how the powers of the three evolve and how their arduous quest truly kicks off. If you were into the first book, this one will surely push you to the edge of your seat in this constant struggle to finally liberate Toronia from the evil that runs amok.

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Crown of Three #2 The Lost Realm (Driesterrenkroon #2 Het Verloren Rijk) - Book Review, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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