Sandberg Studio Pro Microphone USB – Hardware Review
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Developer: Sandberg
Publisher: Sandberg
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Sandberg Studio Pro Microphone USB – Hardware Review

Good: Design, Audio quality, Easy to use
Bad: Not that many features
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We’ve only featured a few microphones on the site so far, as a few years ago it was all about having the best headset, but with the rise in streaming, people like to use a standalone microphone that allows them to game without the hassle of having a great looking headset, or to make sure they have perfect mobility when on camera. While we loved the two microphones we received from Blue Microphones, there are many more options on the market and we’d love to offer some alternatives when possible. It just happens to be that Sandberg, a highly valued brand on our site, has developed their own microphone that finds itself in their separate eSports line. We were lucky enough to get out hands on the Studio Pro Microphone USB in order to present you with our opinion of the device.



Sandberg’s newly developed microphone looks like a fairly simple and classy piece of studio equipment with some sharper edges than the Blue Microphones Yeti, which was also a very attractive piece of hardware. Sandberg doesn’t really shy away from delivering something good-looking either, as the microphone itself has a nice gridded design on top, with a very matte design for the rest of the body. The tripod is done in a more simple fashion with an aluminum colored rod, and a matte black base. Overall you have a rather attractive piece to set beside you on your desk.

The microphone doesn’t come with too many whistles and bells, safe for an LED indicating if the microphone is on, or muted, a rotary encoder on the front and a switch and audio port on the back. The Sandberg name is also neatly put on the front in a fairly humble fashion, not taking away anything of the otherwise pretty design.


Just like in our microphone reviews of the Blue Microphones brand, the comfort section was a bit redundant. Sandberg will treat you to a microphone with a heavy and steady base, which can easily be detached if you have to store your microphone or have to take it to an event or other location. Other than that, the features are very straightforward, as the microphone only has one switch and one rotary encoder, the latter also serving as the mute button.

Sandberg Studio Pro Microphone USB 2


  • Type: Back Electret Condenser
  • Directivity: Uni directional
  • Frequency response: 50 – 18,000Hz
  • Sensitivity: -60 +/-5dB (1V/u bar)
  • S/N ratio: 59dB,
  • Max Sound Pressure Level: 120dB
  • Voltage: Powered from USB, DC 5.0V
  • Material of main body: Rugged Zinc, Alu + ABS plastic
  • Volume control for connected headset
  • Mute on/off with LED indicator
  • USB-port in mic: USB 2.0 type B
  • Analog realtime monitor output: Minijack 3.5mm female port for headset/speakers
  • Switch for analog output either works as external soundcard or realtime monitor


The Studio Pro Microphone is a simple plug and play device and thus it comes with no additional software for it to properly work. We simply regret that most microphone brands forget to add a nice recording program to the mix, or at least make a suggestion of available decent software, as it would make the life of a starting video reviewer a lot easier. Nonetheless, the fact that you’re up and running after mere seconds is certainly a plus, at least after you have properly assembled the device.

Sandberg Studio Pro Microphone USB

Sandberg’s device has easy to use features, even though there may not be many of them. On the front you’ll notice a rotary encoder, which allows you to regulate the volume the device picks up from your voice. Cranking it all the way means that the people on the receiving end, or your recording software, will pick up more sound than when you tone it down. If you need to mute the device, you can simply press the same encoder, and you’ll see the bright blue LED turn red, which indicates the microphone is now muted. Other than that, there’s a small switch on the back that allows you to hear audio through your headset or your speakers/monitor. There’s also an audio plug for a 3.5mm jack, if you wish to insert a headset in the device, which is not uncommon as some streamers like to use both devices, namely a headset to hear the game’s sound properly in surround, and a microphone to record better audio.

We were quite surprised with the very clear and crisp sound, as this is Sandberg’s first endeavor in the microphone business. Not only is the sound very clear and well picked up by the device itself, you won’t have that many problems with ‘popping’, the main reason you’d normally use a pop filter for. Of course, it all depends on pronunciation and how closely you’re speaking into the microphone.


Sandberg offers a simple, yet qualitative solution for streamers and video reviewers who prefer to work with an actual standalone microphone and not the hassle of a headset. For a fair price you’ll receive a good-looking device, that provides its user with great quality, not that many popping noises and an easy to use mechanism. While some added features could have been appreciated, this all-round device is still very much worth looking into if you’re aspiring to create some video/audio content.

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Sandberg Studio Pro Microphone USB - Hardware Review, 9.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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