Cthulhu inspired political chrome extension released

Cthulhu inspired political chrome extension released

The team behind the H.P. Lovecraft inspired detective game The Sinking City, which is set to release on the 27th of June 2019, has graced us with a simple Chrome extension that will uplift your browsing experience. The Chrome plugin that has been aptly named as “We are all living in a Lovecraft story” replaces names and terms with connections to political inspiration, such as the economy, Trump, Hilary, Brexit, Putin and many more with Lovecraft Elder Gods. The extension has no real meaning, other than giving you hilarious take on what is happening around the world.

Have you ever read the news and thought to yourself “Well, this is it. We’ve all gone insane!”. If you have, then this plug-in is for you! Turn your online source of helplessness, disappointment, and sadness into a horror Lovecraft story. See just how ridiculous the world actually is.

If you want to install the plugin, you can do so here. Be warned though, Cthulhu’s Mythos deities can be quite revealing as it shows the absurdity of it all. We do know this free extension will be giving you quite some chuckles.

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