Cuisine Royale – Review
Follow Genre: Shooter, Battle Royale PvP
Developer: Darkflow Software
Publisher: Gaijin Distribution KFT
Platforms: PC, Xbox One
Tested on: Xbox One

Cuisine Royale – Review

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In the last few years, Battle Royale has been one of the most popular game modes, especially for streaming content and worldwide competitions. Cuisine Royale is yet another title that has tried to get in on this action with a game that combines kitchenware with a PvP Battle Royale experience. This game actually started out as an April Fool’s joke mode for the MMO shooter Enlisted, but now it has grown out to a standalone game that previously was only available on PC, but now found its way onto the Xbox One.


Like in most Battle Royale games, There’s not much of a story present. Well, for the exception of Fortnite, which has a little background story for each season. In Cuisine Royale, there’s absolutely no story present. As you start up the game, you’ll immediately get to a HUD where you can find a game, customize your character, unlock and buy new items. When you start a game, you’ll spawn somewhere random on the map and the game will begin. Like in each Battle Royale game, the area in which you can freely move around will get smaller and smaller until there’s only one player left standing.


On the Xbox One, this game looks relatively okay. It’s not all that bad, but the graphics aren’t that mind-blowing either. This game can be played in first-person and third-person, which is quite handy to look around you when hiding from an enemy, just like you can do in other third-person games. When you aim your gun, the view will automatically switch to first-person to look down the barrel of your equipped weapon. What’s quite annoying, is that when you kill someone and their items get dropped, you’ll have a pile of words stacked upon each other and it will be hard to pick up what you want from that stack.


There’s not a lot of music present in Cuisine Royale. At the menus, you’ll hear a kind of Wild West-like music in the background while you hear the crackling of the campfire your character stands next to. It could be possible that this background music changes with the season as the current season has a Wild West theme. In-game, there’s no background music so you can focus on your environment. You do hear some birds whistling and other nature sounds. The most important thing you hear is the gunfire of the other players and the sound they make while walking when someone’s near you. You need to use all these sounds to your advantage to anticipate your enemies to be the last one standing in each game.


Cuisine Royale is a Battle Royale PvP Shooter that lets 30 players fight against each other to be the last one standing. The game resembles other games in this genre like PUBG and Fortnite, while the theme is based on the season that is ongoing at that time. At the time of writing, there’s a Wild West-themed season ongoing so all the outfits and other unlockable items complement this theme.

As this is a Battle Royale game, the only thing you can do in this game is play Battle Royale matches. When you join a match, this game will randomly spawn you somewhere on the map, while other Battle Royale games let you choose your spawning point. In this game, you’ll start equipped with only a knife. You need to be fast to find better weapons and armor to defend yourself against the other players. Like in most Battle Royale games, this equipment is scattered around the map in houses, barns and other buildings.

The controls of this game are relatively good to handle after some practice but the overall smoothness of your actions could be a lot better. When looting someone you killed, choosing what you want to pick up is quite hard. The game will automatically pick up things you need for your already equipped weapons like bullets. There is a maximum you can carry in your inventory, so try to be a bit picky in what you pick up, as bullets you don’t need will take up a lot of space you could use for something better.

While in a match, you have the option to switch between a first-person view and a third-person view. This can be quite handy to spot your enemies from around the corner in the third-person mode as you have a limited view in the first-person view. Aiming your weapons will automatically zoom your view to the first-person view to aim down the gun’s barrel. Doing this while in third-person can be annoying as your aim will change when this view changes, so it’s recommended to change your view to first-person before you aim to fire on enemies for better accuracy.

The basic equipment and melee weapons are dinnerware. To replace some heavy-duty armor before you find these, you could use a colander for head protection, a wok as a formidable breastplate or you can even strap on a waffle maker for protection against higher caliber weapons. This can create some funny looking loadouts if you found some of this protection dinnerware. You can also find other equipment to improve your characteristics significantly like a medical dropper to improve your health regeneration or chew a cigar to make you tougher. Equipping unlocked items from the workshop will add some special effects that let you gather souls by doing specific actions like jumping a lot or eating food. These souls can be spent in-game to activate mystic seals or conduct rituals to heal yourself and your allies, another relatively unique feature in this game mode.


Cuisine Royale is quite a fun Battle Royale game. To think this game started as an April Fool’s joke that now released as a standalone game on multiple platforms and being free-to-play makes this game quite interesting to play. Sure, this is not an AAA-rated game, but it still offers a lot of fun if you like Battle Royale mixed with some kitchenware. Like in most free-to-play Battle Royale games, you can purchase a sort of Season pass called the stories book. This will let you earn more additional rewards for playing the game and reward you with more money to unlock new items after each game. If you like Battle Royale games, and you don’t want to play Fortnite with all the building craziness there, this game is a perfect replacement.

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Cuisine Royale - Review, 8.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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