Cyanide & Happiness card game Master Dater released today

Cyanide & Happiness card game Master Dater released today

It looks like this year all the restrictions on seeing your friends and family during the festive season are finally gone and what is a better way to enjoy some face-to-face time than with board games? From the awesome minds behind Cyanide & Happiness comes today a new card game. Developer Explosm has launched the best gift to put under the Christmas tree and play with your friends after.

In Master Dater you shall do as the title explains, each player takes turns as the single and others try to make the perfect date for our single friend. The single searching for love must select three interest cards categorized by Flame, Spark and Love to determine what dark secrets the single hold all while the friends try to build the most attractive character with a head and body card. The person who is chosen will get a trophy card and the first to get five cards is the winner that will go on a hot date!

You can grab a copy of the game on Explosm’s own website or through Amazon. If you are looking for a good gift tip then why not look out for the Uncut Expansion to this game? This will make the whole experience even more unhinged and fun!

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