Dark Souls II – Crown of the Old Iron King DLC – Review
Follow Genre: RPG, Action, Survival
Developer: From Software
Publisher: Bandai Namco Games
Platform: 360, PS3, PC

Dark Souls II – Crown of the Old Iron King DLC – Review

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Recently the second installment of the DLC trilogy of Dark Souls II hit the digital shelves and it still continues the same grade of quality as the original game, as well as the first part of the DLC. Prepare to face new foes in Crown of the Old Iron King.


Story wise the same trend is again set. You’ll have a minimum of information but plenty to make up for your own. This time the setting will be a tad different than the eerie dark caverns of the first installment. You’ll find yourself in a large tower (for the most part), which shows that even though it’s a DLC trilogy, the three parts do have their own original approach.

Again you’ll be treated to new spells, items and foes. Whilst the first two speak for themselves, the foes are quite manageable when your character has been geared up quite properly. This does not mean the DLC is any easier than the base game is. You’ll still struggle to finish the DLC, which counts around three bosses. These offer a decent challenge as well but they might perhaps lack a bit of the charm of the bosses from the previous portions of the game. Of course, a ‘knightly’ theme demands for fairly knightly opponents but a tad more would have been nice.


Compared to the first part of the DLC, fighting seems to be a bit more important again, compared to the puzzle aspect. Whilst there is still enough to do, the puzzles had the upper hand in the first part of the Lost Crowns trilogy.


Overall there is not that much to be said about this second portion of the DLC, except for the fact that these ‘expansions’ are great to lengthen your Dark Souls II experience. Enemies remain challenging, puzzles are still as fun and the content you get for the price is quite fair. Those who play careful will of course have a lengthier stay at this tower of certain doom.

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