De Rode Ridder #246 Dodendans – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure
Written by: Claus
Illustrations: Claus
Coloring: Studio Leonardo
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

De Rode Ridder #246 Dodendans – Comic Book Review

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If the last two issues weren’t already hectic enough, Johan is back in the saddle again to protect the innocent and slay the villains. Due to the fact that Marc Legendre and Claus take turns in writing stories for the Rode Ridder saga, this volume is a direct sequel to #244 Mensenjacht. Try to hold on to the reins as Merlin is still creating whimsical wormholes that lead them everywhere but home. Then again, this might be an indication that evil still lurks around the corner.


When Johan and Merlin vanquished Demoniah in Japan, Merlin saved up enough magic power in order to create a new portal home. Sadly, it seems that either Merlin did not update his medieval version of Google Maps or that fate has other plans for the small fellowship. Both the noble knight in red and the aged wizard have been transported ‘down south’ with no clear indication as to where they are and why they are there. After scurrying around the countryside for some time, they come across an inn, where they seek rest, food and comfort. Johan and Merlin are surprised by how lovely the lady looks behind the counter and discuss how odd it is to see such a pretty woman serving people. After their manly discussion, they head off to bed, trying to rest after all their endeavors.

As Johan keeps a watching eye, albeit one that’s temporarily closed due to fatigue  he hears some muffled noises in the dark. When he gets out of bed to investigate what is going on, he sees Melinda, the beautiful innkeeper, getting dragged away by hooded men. Even though he does his best to apprehend the foul kidnappers, they get away while he barely manages to dodge an incoming attack. After asking some locals for information it seems that this kind of kidnapping has been going on for some time but no one seems to care about it. As Johan stands for virtue and defending the weak, he and Merlin set out to save the beautiful maiden(s) in despair. When they end up at the doorstep of a seemingly haunted castle, things are only getting started.


Story wise this issue feels more like one big action scene, with a short introduction. Claus manages to keep the suspense going from start to finish, making this one very exciting volume. That being said, this story would have been even better if it was a bit longer than it currently is. Whilst the action is superb, a bit more story value would have been even better. Truth be told, it is best to read issue #244 before diving into this adventure. You can still read this issue without having read the one linked to it, but some extra ‘context’ will do wonders for this one.

The overall writing is quite decent, even though it’s pretty much dialogues between Johan and Merlin most of the time. Some puns are used at the proper moments, to give a slightly more authentic feel to the entire story.

As far as illustrations go, things remain unchanged. As always you’ll be treated to a picturesque storyline that truly looks like an old school adventure. Most panels are organized in an orderly fashion, giving a more uptight look which complements Johan’s personality.



De Rode Ridder #246 Dodendans is a great sequel to #244 Mensenjacht, even if both stories can still be read seperatly. Throughout this issue suspense is the keyword from start to finish. Accompanied by a decent story, great illustrations and a spooky castle, you’re in for a great medieval tale of magic, darkness and justice alike. March on, knights in red armor – together we can vanquish all evil!

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Rating: 7.5/10 (2 votes cast)
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De Rode Ridder #246 Dodendans - Comic Book Review, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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