Deathtrap Dungeon released today

Deathtrap Dungeon released today

Branching Narrative has announced today that their newest game, Deathtrap Dungeon: The Interactive Video Adventure has released today on PC, Android and iOS. Deathtrap Dungeon originally released in 1984 as arguably one of the most popular chapters in the Fighting Fantasy series and has now been remade into an interactive digital version.

This game is a new take on the classic Fighting Fantasy gamebook by Ian Livingstone. Perfect for a games night with friends or family, this game is part story and part game that lets you and your co-players become the heroes if this narrative adventure.

The British actor Eddie Marsan narrates the story and guides players throughout the game that recreated the fantasy book by Ian Livingstone. Ian Livingstone himself thinks that Branching Narrative and Eddie Marsan have done some great work to create an enthralling adaptation to his book.

Below, you can check out the trailer for Deathtrap Dungeon: The Interactive Video Adventure.

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