Deathtrap’s background story revealed

Deathtrap’s background story revealed

Last week we already confirmed that Deathtrap is a new tower defense game. What we didn’t mention however was that this is also NeoCore Games first first tower defense game. Unique to Deathtrap is that the game is a mixture of action RPGs and tower defense games, a rather unique combination if I may add.

Deathtrap is not only a unique blend of genres but it is also a vicious game, filled with countless of traps, tricks, killing machines and best of all – tons of blood. Your enemies? Legendary beasts and creatures of mad science, once trapped in strongholds on several islands in a world not from here. Once they were contained, now they flee from the laboratories that they once called home. No longer shall they be kept at bay as their revenge will be sweet. At least, that is what they’d like to think as you will defend the underground mazes and forts with ancient traps and rusty machines. Their guts will be spilled, not yours – at least if you play your cards right.

The game will be playable in a solo campaign type of mode but you can also play it in a four player multiplayer co-op mode. Who shall you take to battle?

As mentioned before, Deathtrap will release in the fall of 2014 on the Steam platform for Windows and Mac users. An Xbox One version is in the works and a PS4 version will come later. You can view the teaser video here or the alpha-build screenshots here. For now, I’ll bless you with this piece of incredible artwork!



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