Deiland makes its way to Steam!

Deiland makes its way to Steam!

Spanish game developer studio Chibit and game publisher 101XP are proud to announce the official release of Deiland on Steam.

Deiland is a single-player survival adventure sandbox with some RPG elements. This game tells the story of Arco, one of the little princes. In Deiland, you need to tend to your planet and protect it against alien invasions. You need to tend to your own character needs as well as every prince needs his breakfast!

Deiland features:

  • A compelling story with over 100 quests to complete and 12 characters to meet.
  • RPG elements. Improve Arco’s skills to make him stronger and more efficient.
  • Develop the small empty planet you begin with by collecting water, gather harvest, fish and hunt, craft tools, build workshops and laboratories to improve it.
  • Obtain craft recipes and trade them with the Interstellar traders.
  • Protect Deiland against alien invaders and pillagers.
  • Space travel and interesting characters

Check out the Steam trailer below and make yourself ready as this game will release in this year’s summer!

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