Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna – Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Action, Space, Indie
Developer: KeokeN Interactive
Publisher: KeokeN Interactive
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna – Review

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You, alone on the moon, no one to help you, with a last mission to save humanity. This sums up the latest game from KeokeN Interactive. This walking simulation literally takes to newer heights when you must repair the space station which supplied the energy on Earth. You’ll be flying through space and solving mysteries. Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna stands out from the rest with their special settings and place.


It’s in the near future and all of Earth’s natural resources are almost depleted. The only option to solve the energy crisis all over the world lies on the moon. The WSA (World Space Agency) have made different attempts of colonizing the moon, and after a few years, they succeeded. During colonizing the moon, they delved for a new source of energy. This energy was transferred to the Earth, but one night, all communications stopped. After a couple of years, you are sentas the last astronaut to go on a mission that you don’t even know where it will lead to.

You’ll have to investigate the base to investigate and save humanity. Although you’re off the grid, you’re not alone in this quest. Your companion called ASE will be your helpful robot. Together you will travel over the moon and explore all of the abandoned facilities.

The story is immersive and sucks you in. It is told during multiple clues you’ll have to find. There are secrets and hidden agendas you must discover. You can only survive this mission if you are quick witted and perform under stress, cause the oxygen in your spacesuit doesn’t last forever.


While playing the game, you’ll notice right away that the graphics are gorgeous. It is made with the Unreal engine and it shows. It’s heavy on the older GPUs and while turning the camera in the game, you notice a small frame drop which takes you out of the game for a second, but that is the only negative we can say about the game because it looks amazing. The game is best played in a dark room where you can immerse yourself into it.

These beautiful graphics help you to get invested in the puzzles and mechanics. Even though the locations are minimalistic, both in game design and levels.  The game also has unique and different environments, all in the theme of space of course, to help you keep interested in the story and the game.


There isn’t much sound during a lot of levels to give you that isolated feeling. When you’re out and about between two facilities, the only thing you hear is the timer of your oxygen tank and your breathing. With the right headphones, you’ll be immersed in the danger that is different than the danger of monster in other games. You must survive and find oxygen bottles laid around to keep yourself alive.

During the parts when you are in the facilities, there’s this ambient noise meant to be something extra for the experience. The sounds of opening doors, moving objects and other actions is louder than this ambient noise and helps you a lot to focus.

The music isn’t meant to be the center of attention in this game. It’s there to be an extra component. It is also not something to pause the game for and to enjoy it. This game revolves around isolation and the urgency of you saving humanity.


Deliver us the moon: Fortuna is an action, adventure, indie walking simulator. Now we mention the genre action, but not in the theme you’re thinking. It’s true that you’ll have to run a lot and solve some puzzles, but never is there something that you’ll have to keep your focus on the actions you make. The only times you really need to focus is when you are outside, but even then, you just need to push three buttons. One to move forward and the other two for turning a little bit. Your moving forward button is one of your best friends in this game. The second button you’ll use a lot is the R button. This will trigger your flashlight which aids you in solving a lot of puzzles.

The rest of the game is really fluid in motions. The camera movement isn’t too fast to mess things up and you’ll feel at home with the controls after just a few minutes of playing. You’ll get some vibes from other walking simulator games but that isn’t a problem. It doesn’t stand out from the other games with the controls, but it makes up for it with the interesting storyline.

There are some extra factors that you have to consider when playing. You don’t walk like you would in other games. Since you’re in space and on the moon, you be able to float freely through space and have some little hops while on the moon. This gives the movements of the character some extra difficulty than normal walking.


Deliver us to the moon: Fortuna offers a well-balanced action, adventure walking simulator which takes a while to get into the story, but it’s all worth it when you start playing it for a while. It is beautifully made and takes full advantage of the Unreal engine. The storyline combined with the graphics and the occasional puzzles makes this game a must have for every gamer. Although it is on the more expensive side for story and gameplay, it’s well worth it when there is a sale on it. Put this in your wish list and wait for that notification of a discount.


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Rating: 9.7/10 (3 votes cast)
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Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna - Review, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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