Devolo Extending Product Warranty


The famous company Devolo, best known for their WiFi extenders and powerline solutions, has announced, that they will give their clients the opportunity to extend the warranty on selected devices by 12 months.

The warranty can be extended by registering the devices on the official website of Devolo. The company also states that they do not only wish to provide a fast network solution, but also individual fast support for their clients.


The devices that are eligible for warranty extension are the following:

  • devolo Magic series
  • devolo 1200 series
  • devolo WiFi Repeater+ ac

The registration of the product is as simple as just installing it in your home or office. The following link will lead you to the page where the registration can be established. The setup takes only a few minutes. For it, clients need to fill in their MT and serial numbers. The specific serials can be found on the back of each eligible device. After successful registration, clients will be provided with a warranty certificate via e-mail.

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