Devolo Home Control with new Alexa smart home skill: voice actuation for the smart home

Devolo Home Control with new Alexa smart home skill: voice actuation for the smart home

“Alexa, turn on the lights in the living room” – simple tasks like this one, now also work for Devolo Home Control. After an easy installation of the new Devolo smart home skill, owners of devices compatible with Alexa will have a wide range of smarthome speech orders at their disposal. Ranging from serving the lights to setting up the thermostat, it’s all possible!

Listen well!
“Alexa, set the living room temperature to 22 degrees”. Devolo Home Control now listens to this and other tasks when you say them out loud. Whether it’s about the thermostat in the bathroom, the living room, or even an entire range of products – switches or your smartphone will be rendered needless.

From the moment you wake up in the morning, you’ll experience nothing but convenience. Do you have a ‘My good morning’-scenario set up? Several things will take place automatically. When you wake up the voice assistant with ‘Alexa, start ‘My good morning’!”, the bathroom will be preheated according to the temperature you chose, and the lights will go on.

Or maybe you want to come home relaxed from work. When using a ‘movie night’-scenario, Alexa will turn your house into a movie theater. The lights go out, Philips Hue adjusts the temperature of the colors and the TV turns on. Let the show begin!

Set up voice actuation in a few steps
Setting up is very easy: Devolo Home Controlo owners only need devices compatible with Alexa. In the Alexa-app, you’ll add the devolo smart home skill and you’re ready. Voice actuation is available now for your intelligent socket, radiator and room thermostat and wallsockets, as well as for scenario’s, rules and time set ups.

devolo Home Control: open system for maximal diversity
Users have access to both the native Home Control aspects, as well as numerous products of external dealers. The smart Home Control Unit by devolo makes it possible to combine smart-home products from various dealers. Examples can be found here:

Regular free updates
Devolo Home Control offers more for less. Contrary to other solutions that only serve individual products through Alexa, Home Control offers extended smart-home voice actuation, and guarantees more safety, convenience and an efficient energy use. A Devolo Home Control Starter Pack is available for 219,90 euros. Monthly subscription costs are not applicable. Future updates will be free!

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