Diablo III – reviving your season!

Diablo III – reviving your season!

Diablo has once again switched seasons, welcome, season 11!

With the recent release of the Necromancer, expect hours of fun, new sets such as the Bones of Rathma, and new NPC’s in sanctuary, there is sure to be an exciting season ahead.

As always, not only are there benefits for Necromancers, but all players get the chance to obtain the new emerald dragon pet, new borders, and more sets for each class. All classes will receive Haedrig’s Gift. Barbarians can earn the Wrath of the Wastes set, Crusaders can earn Roland’s Legacy, Demon Hunters can earn the Unhallowed Essence set, Monks can earn the Raiment of a Thousand Storms set, Witch Doctors can earn the Helltooth Harness set, and Wizards can earn Tal Rasha’s Elements.


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