Diablo IV Anthem video clip announcement

Diablo IV Anthem video clip announcement

Special news today as Blizzard Entertainment released a small teaser yesterday for the upcoming official video clip of Lilith (Diablo IV Anthem) by GRAMMY-nominated artists Halsey and SUGA from BTS. In this 20-second teaser, we get to see Halsey in a live-action version of Lilith, the lead character for Diablo IV. At the show where this was premiered, it caused quite a positive commotion as famous people like David Harbour from Stranger Things, Khleo Thomas (actor), rapper Offset and singer Tinashe partied out all night on a DJ-set from Zedd. This was all hosted in a fitting theme namely a cathedral where the viewers got submerged in the dark and spooky world of Diablo IV.

Last month we already covered quite some content of the upcoming Diablo IV with an article about the story and one with information regarding the classes.

The full video clip will release on June 5th, 2023 a day before the game releases on PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.


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