Dokus De Leerling #21 On-ver-be-ter-lijk! – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Funny
Written by: Zidrou
Illustrations: Godi
Coloring: Laure Godi
Publisher: Le Lombard

Dokus De Leerling #21 On-ver-be-ter-lijk! – Comic Book Review

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Cribbing a test, we’ve all been there. Some of us may have done it more than others, but let’s be honest, nobody is without guilt. Of course, the obvious way to pass a test is to study, but it takes so much effort and so much time. Why bother? That’s exactly what Dokus, the worst blockhead his school has ever known, must be thinking, especially as he shares a desk with the school’s best pupil of all time, Leonie. It’s way more fun to think of ways to cheat your test, instead of spending time studying, that’s for sure.


Dokus de leerling is a comic book character, created by Godi and Zidrou and was first introduced in 1992 in the newspapers. Initially, Dokus appeared only in French as L’Elève Dukobu, but his gags have since also been translated into Dutch. For many years already, he entertains young children with his jokes in weekly children’s magazines, but his gags also get published as comic books and in 2011, he even got his own film. Today it’s time for a new load of gags, with his new album ‘on-ver-be-ter-lijk’.

There is no real story to be found in this comic book, as it is mostly a series of short, often only one page long gags. However some gags do follow each other, and it is also noticeable that the first few jokes take place in the beginning of the academic year, whilst the last ones are set at the end of the year.


A lot of this lazybones’s gags concern tips on how to cheat your test, even showing you the success rate of each one. The teacher, master Peeters often gets sucked into Dokus’ schemes as well, making him an innocent bystander. Leonie, who often gets frustrated with Dokus for cribbing her tests, also shows a few of her best tricks to ward him off. All of this causes this comic book to be really airy, with quite some variety.

Although the background is not very detailed, there are still often small additions to the drawings. For example the folder that Leonie uses to divide her side of the desk from Dokus’ side is always a different one, often with small animals drawn on them. In each box, this animal is in a different position. In another gag, spread over the complete page, there is a fly moping the lampshade above their heads. This attention to detail make the gags just that much more funny. Also Hein the skeleton and his dog Knekeltje really add to these gags, with often very ready-witted remarks.



Dokus de leerling #21 On-ver-be-ter-lijk! is an entertaining album, full of funny gags. Of course not all of them are as good as other ones, but this issue will definitely get you in the right mood. As these gags are also published in children’s magazines, they will definitely be well appreciated by them, maybe giving them some inspiration once school starts again. These gags are very amusing to read one at a time, but beware, you might just finish the whole album before you’re fully aware.

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Dokus De Leerling #21 On-ver-be-ter-lijk! - Comic Book Review, 6.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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