Don’t believe everything they tell you about a VPN for gaming

Don’t believe everything they tell you about a VPN for gaming

Although it may seem that no one doubts the benefits of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service anymore, there are still cases when gamers tend to follow baseless myths. What is more, their beliefs become a reason why they avoid using these services. We will look through the most popular of them and explain why they cannot be true. 

You may hear online gamers sometimes saying that:

  •         There is no need to use VPN for individuals

In fact, most cyber-attacks are carried out against companies, but individuals often become targets as well. Often people do not expect that they can be interesting for cyber-attackers and do not think that they need to be somehow specially protected. However, after they lose important personal information and their savings, they understand the importance of online security.

  •         Using VPN service is way too complicated

You may hear that using a VPN is quite complicated, and if you have any problems with it, you will have to seek help from expensive professionals. However, this is not true. A monthly VPN service plan can be purchased for just a few dollars, and the support of your chosen provider will help you in case of problems immediately.

  •         It slows down your connection speed significantly

Will using a VPN service really make your Internet connection speed as slow as a turtle? Although such cases may occasionally occur, it is not normal. Often, online games’ lovers are happy that after starting to use a VPN service, the ping they experienced before decreased. And this made it possible to achieve much better results. For example, using VPN for Warzone will improve your game without a need to use any tricks.

  •         The Virtual Private Network service costs a fortune

For those who think that a VPN service is an expensive thing, we have to say – it is not true. Although the prices of different VPN service providers’ subscription plans vary, their prices are not really high. The longer the period of time you subscribe to, the cheaper the monthly VPN service costs is. Therefore, if the price is relevant to you, it is worth considering VPN services for 1 year, 2 years or more.

  •         VPN interests only those who want to do something illegal online

This myth also needs to be debunked. VPN is primarily intended for a person to be able to protect his personal sensitive information from third-parties. Meanwhile, for those involved in illegal activities, a VPN is not a shield to protect. In any case, the illegal activity is subject to liability under the laws of the state in which the offender commits the offense.

So, don’t believe everything that is said about VPNs. Many myths are born out of ignorance, and it is extremely easy to disprove them by testing VPN services in practice. And this is easy to do, because most VPN service providers offer the opportunity to test their services for free and thus discover the provider that best meets their expectations.

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