Dorsvloer Vol Confetti (DVD) – Movie Review
Follow Genre: Drama
Director: Tallulah Hazekamp Schwab
Distributor: eOne
Duration: 90 minutes

Dorsvloer Vol Confetti (DVD) – Movie Review

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Good: Some heartwarming and beautiful scenes
Bad: Narrative is pretty shallow, acting performances are so so, no extras
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The life on a farm a couple of decades ago isn’t what you’d call a very luxurious life. These days, men and women alike care for the animals and keep the land in order but back then; there was a big gap between the two. In Dorsvloer Vol Confetti we meet Katelijne, a young girl who is struggling with growing up and accepting her role in society.

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We find ourselves in the eighties. Katelijne is a 12 year old girl who grows up in a strict and very religious farmer family. Unfortunately, she’s the only girl in the household besides her mother and while her 6 brothers cultivate the property, Katelijne is not allowed to take part in this ‘guys work’. Her father wants her to become a decent housewife so Katelijne fills her days with washing dishes and cleaning the house. One day, an accident happens where her grandfather loses his life and the twelve year old girl is feeling incredibly guilty as some of her actions might’ve led to the catastrophe. The viewers see how she tries to deal with these emotions and in fact, this is what the whole movie is about. As any child of her age, she mostly just wants to have fun and not to worry too much. However, her parents, who want to raise her as a strict catholic, are not amused by her behavior. Katelijne often finds herself struggling with how society wants her to be and although she does her very best to adapt at first, it’s just isn’t how she is.


Story wise, you’d do well by not expecting an incredible plot or intriguing characters. Although Katelijne’s storyline is interesting, the whole movie feels a bit shallow concerning the narrative. We barely see anything regarding the other main characters in the movie like Katelijne’s parents or her 6 brothers. Only 2 of the 6 brothers play a somewhat important part in Dorsvloer Vol Confetti and although those moments were pretty good, there should’ve been a lot more interaction between the members of the farmer family. The character development is minor and only really noticeable in regards of the main protagonist. Although this might all sound very negative to you, the movie isn’t really that bad. There’re a lot of beautiful and heartwarming moments present (or the opposite, some more heartbreaking scenes), but I can’t shake the feeling that the movie could’ve been so much more by adding a little more interaction and narrative angles.

Now some words about the acting. First of all, this is not a million dollar action movie with Hollywood’s finest at work. The cast is filled with actors and actresses who might be well-known in The Netherlands but if you live in another country, the possibility is quite big that you haven’t even heard of one of them. That’s okay though as it doesn’t really matter if you’re a famous actor or not, as long as the performances are decent. In Dorsvloer Vol Confetti, the acting is not particularly bad but I wouldn’t say it’s incredibly praiseworthy. Hendrikje Nieuwerf who portrays the main protagonist Katelijne is still a very young girl so although her acting knows a lot of hiccups, I still want to give her a thumbs up as the role she plays is not a self-evident one. Genio de Groot is probably the most experienced actor in the whole movie and that’s noticeable from the minute you see him. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get a lot of screen time so you better cherish the moments where you can see him at work. The other cast members find themselves on the average level but there weren’t really any characters that stood out (in both the positive and negative way).


Dorsvloer Vol Confetti doesn’t feature any extras, not even the (obligatory) deleted scenes are present so alas, when you’re done with the movie, it’s over for good (this sounds a bit overly dramatic but anyway).


This movie is good enough to give it a try but you might want to dive in without having too much expectation. Dorsvloer Vol Confetti knows quite a few remarks like the general acting and the unsatisfying story without decent character development. There’re certainly some good scenes and it’s not likely that you’ll fall asleep while watching, but the movie could’ve used some more work content wise. After finishing it, the viewer might feel incredibly unsatisfied with the 90 minutes they just spend by watching the movie. Still, it’s not a bad movie but it’s clearly aimed at a particular audience.

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