Down To Hell – First episode out now!

Down To Hell – First episode out now!

The first episode of Down To Hell has been released today!

Down To Hell is a 2D combo, Hack’n’ slash and beat’em up type game where players will take on the role of a mysterious swordsman. The game has been inspired by games such as Devil May Cry but then the developers put their own spin on the genre. The game will keep rising in difficulty and will present players with bosses that will test their skills to the max.  Down To Hell’s art style is inspired by covers of metal albums, dark fantasy and even the famous manga Berserk. The music will be truly metal as it will be from the popular metal bands Decapitated and KORONAL.

There will be 5 large episodes in total during Down To Hell’s Early Access period, with each episode releasing with two to three-month intervals. The first episode which includes four epic boss battles is now available on Steam for both PC and Mac.

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