Dragon Star Varnir – Coming to the PS4!

Dragon Star Varnir – Coming to the PS4!

Dragon Star Varnir is coming to PS4 this summer! The JRPG that features both witches and dragons will be released both physically and digitally in Europe this summer.

You will take on the role of The Knight Zephy who is tasked to hunt down witches, as witches are cursed to give birth to dragons and are extremely dangerous. One mission everything goes horribly wrong and he is saved by the creatures that he was supposed to hunt. The witches that saved him fed him dragon blood, giving him magical abilities but also intertwining their fate together. After a while, he seems to have no choice but to fight his previous employers.

Dragon Star Varnir has a bit of a unique turn-based battle system with it’s three vertically oriented tiers. You will have to use strategy and placement so you can more easily overpower the enemy and to make sure they don’t overpower you. Players will be able to transform into a dragon form by filling up their Dragon Gauge. Once transformed they will unlock bonuses and different abilities. When an enemy has low enough health, players can choose to use the Devour skill to unlock that Dragons skill tree for themselves.

The story is controlled by your choices, will you help your allies fight their curse, or will you let them go mad. The witches will depend on you and your decisions will influence the ending you get.

Dragon Star Varnir is being released for the PS4 this summer.

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