Dragon War presents a boatload of new gear!

Dragon War presents a boatload of new gear!

Dragon War, the famous manufacturer of gaming accessories, has a lot of new goodies lined up for us. Let’s take a quick look at them!


Two newcomers in this category. First up is the Dragon Recon keyboard. With up to 10 different profiles to set up, fully programmable Macro keys, custom combat keys and 18 keys that can be pressed at the same time without a problem, you’re sure to get some high quality gear with the Dragon Recon keyboard.

Dragon War Recon

Secondly, there’s the Silvio keyboard which has backlight keys in two different colors (the WASD colors are red, the rest is blue) and 14 anti-ghosting keys. What’s a gaming keyboard without some customization? You can customize the keys to your liking and even add multimedia ones!


The Dragon Shock is a fancy looking wireless controller that comes with two vibration motors. Add to that the 6 axis technology and 17 customizable buttons and you’re good to go for some controller gaming!


Next up we have three different mice to discuss. Let’s take a look at the mouse Chaos first. A slick blue design that comes with a bluetrack sensor which allows you to use the mouse on any surface. The design of the Chaos is all about comfort so you won’t feel any pain or cramps after those long gaming marathons!

The mouse Thor is another great mouse for you to consider. Inspired by the legendary God of Thunder, this mouse should be able to give you an upper hand while gaming. The mouse is once again equipped with the bluetrack technology and a 3200dpi speed. Make some thunder!


Last but not least, here’s the Unicorn mouse. Don’t let the name fool you. This is certainly not a mouse with a pink theme and rainbows. It’s more like a diehard gamer mouse, designed to enhance your gaming experience greatly! As with the other mice, this one comes with bluetrack technology and 3200dpi speed.

Mouse pads

What’s a mouse without a decent mouse pad to rest on, right? Dragon War is glad to announce the Friction and Front Sight mouse pads. Both look equally badass and they’re made to get the best out of your beloved gaming mice!


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