Dragon War The Gamer Kit Xone & PS4 – Accessory Reviews
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Developer: Dragon War
Publisher: Dragon War
Platform: PC & Xbox One

Dragon War The Gamer Kit Xone & PS4 – Accessory Reviews

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Recently we took a closer look at a few sets of accessories for Nintendo’s Switch, but Dragon War also felt it was time to show some love to the other consoles on the market, thus they came up with ‘The Gamer Kit’ for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. We will be discussing both kits in the review below, as they are pretty much the same, except for the battery pack that’s included in the Xbox One version. We were curious to see how well Dragon War could suit our needs, and if we truly needed said kits to help us on the way, seeing both consoles have been out for quite some time now.

Dragon War


Both kits look pretty much the same, safe for the color tones. The Xbox One kit has a green theme, while the PlayStation 4 kit has dark blue accents, which has been pretty much the standard since the previous generation. Nonetheless, both sets come with a hard case for your controller, which looks rather average, but it’s the inside of said case that looks spiffy. The cases come with a dented inlay, for you to secure your controller in, and while this may also be a comfort feature, it looks quite spiffy when you open up the case.

Other than the case, you’ll get a braided cable, varied in length for both sets, with either the blue or green accents, and a rather big plastic plug with the USB end attached to it. The plastic part is clearly marked with the Dragon War brand name, and while it may be a bit tacky, it looks fairly cool compared to many normal plugs.

Last but not least, the joystick caps look fairly standard, in a monotone blue, green or black, but they do look solid enough to last a while. They look fairly cheap compared to brands that specialize in controller caps, but they are still able to spice up your controller thanks to their somewhat bright colors, safe for the black ones of course.

The battery pack for the Xbox One looks like a simple battery pack like back from the days when these were common for retro handheld devices. Nothing special to see here, and it was quite pointless to make it look good, as it would be inserted in your controller anyway.


There isn’t all that much to discuss when it comes to comfort for these kits, outside of the comfort of the joystick caps and perhaps the size of the cases. The caps themselves have a rubberized feel, but it remains rather pleasant to work with, and after stretching them over your joysticks, they remain in place rather well. Overall these are fairly easy to keep clean, which is certainly a plus.

The cases are a bit large and bulky, but seeing they come with extra storage room it’s only natural they are somewhat bigger. These are clearly intended for a gamer on the go, and they will provide the extra storage room needed to store your charging cable, perhaps even a pair of earphones or some extra controller caps.


  • Braided USB cable (2M for Xbox One, 3M for PlayStation 4)
  • 4 controller caps (2 black ones in each set, 2 green ones for Xbox One and 2 blue ones for PS4)
  • Hard case
  • Carabiner
  • Extra battery pack (Xbox One only)


Overall things will not get complicated in this department either, as we’ll just discuss the available storage room in the cases. Each case comes with a dented shape on one side after opening the zipper. You’ll be able to tightly secure your controller in here, making sure it remains in place. On the other side of the case, you’ll find a zipper enclosed netted pocket, in which you can store your cable, earphones, controller caps, and/or some other really small items you could use/need during your gaming adventures.

We don’t properly understand why the cable length differs per kit, as the Xbox One kit only gets a cable that is 2 meters in length, while the PS4 kit gets one that’s 3 meters. This is probably due to the extra battery pack that’s included in the Xbox One kit, but overall it feels a bit silly to cut cable length for this reason.


Both ‘The Gamer Kits’ certainly have a proper amount of value, but we feel these are pretty awesome for gamers who just picked up a PS4 or Xbox One, seeing those who have already had their console(s) for a long time will probably already have the necessary items for transport, protection or charging purposes. Nonetheless, those looking for an affordable ‘all-in-one’ package might want to consider this one.

Dragon War Case

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Dragon War The Gamer Kit Xone & PS4 - Accessory Reviews, 6.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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