Dungeons of Aledorn hits Kickstarter

Dungeons of Aledorn hits Kickstarter

Hardcore RPG fanatics rejoice! Team 21, an independent developer situated in Prague, have just announced the Kickstarter Campaign for Dungeons of Aledorn, a dungeon crawler that promises to bring homage to the role playing games of old.

Its world hosts a war between Orc tribes and humans, desperately in need of… You’ve heard this story a million times before. What’s more important is that the developers are aiming for a modern day old-school title, combining the genre’s greatest strengths with current technology.

If your heart has just gone into overdrive, then you might want to see a doctor. If they say everything’s fine, this link should lead you to the Kickstarter page, giving you all of the information you could ever need. And, you know, make sure you don’t flatline.


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