Dying Light: Definitive Edition about to launch

Dying Light: Definitive Edition about to launch

With the launch of Dying Light: Definitive Edition coming tomorrow, seven years of support are coming to a close with this grand finale of development on this title.

Techland has also penned a heartfelt letter to the community stating that they are stopping the support they have given the game for seven years with events, DLC, expansions, and free updates. The Dying Light: Definitive Edition will contain the base game with an additional 26 DLC including skin bundles and expansion packs. It will be available on all platforms with a discount of 70% and owners of the Platinum Edition will automatically receive an upgrade to the Definitive Edition.

The developers will make sure that the game will keep a steady reroll of previous events so you can keep on enjoying your adventures in Harran. Dying Light: Definitive Edition releases tomorrow June 9 for all platforms digitally. The Nintendo Switch release will come at a later date as both digital and physical releases. Check out our reviews of Dying Light: Platinum Edition and Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

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