E3 trailer for Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut revealed

E3 trailer for Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut revealed

Last year Wasteland 2 blew us away as the direct sequel to Wasteland from 1988. Now inXile entertainment unleashed a trailer for the game’s Director’s Cut, the enhanced and updated version of this award-winning game.

– Runs on Unity 5 and gets updated graphics
– Adds Perks & Quirks for enhanced character depth
– Precision Strikes for additional combat tactics
– Redesign combat encounters
– Expanded voice-over with more than 8,000 new recorded dialogue lines
– Redesigned user interface
– Controller support
– Much more…

Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut is coming to all PC owners as a free update, as well as to Xbox One and Playstation 4 for the first time in late-summer 2015. The trailer can be watched below.

For info on the pre-Director’s Cut title, please check our review here. More on the Director’s Cut content can be found here.

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