Wasteland 2 upgrade for free

Wasteland 2 upgrade for free

Wasteland 2 is the inspiration of the Fallout franchise and was the first real computer RPG with post-apocalyptic elements. Today inXile Entertainment announced that there will be a Wasteland 2 Game of the Year Edition. Even more, the original game will be enhanced and expanded. For example, the engine will be upgraded to Unity 5, which means that there will be improved environment textures and characteristics. Sound wise, there are also loads of new spoken parts.

The gameplay will be a bit different as well, since you will be able to customize your squads with bonuses and trade-offs. There will be also more balance, item drops and the combat encounters are altered as well. Be ready to explore a new game.

Now the good news. If you’ve already hhave bought the game or if you’re a crowdfunding backer, you will get the GotY edition for free! This update will be released for all owners of a PC, Mac and Linux.


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