Elder Scrolls Online Scrivener’s Hall Dungeon Guide

Elder Scrolls Online Scrivener’s Hall Dungeon Guide

Discover what happened to the Scribes of Mora.

The Scribes of Mora was once a more peaceful cult. They were content to seek knowledge for the Daedric Prince they served, Hermaeus Mora, Prince of Fate and Forbidden Knowledge. However, things became twisted when Valinna became its leader. Seek out the truth in Scrivener’s Hall in The Rift. ESO gold and other goodies are on the line!

Dungeon Overview

Scrivener’s Hall is a 4-player dungeon with three bosses. It also has a secret mechanic that can provide bonus rewards. It rewards the following armor sets:

  • Runecarver’s Blaze Set (Light)
  • Apocryphal Inspiration Set (Medium)
  • Abyssal Brace Set (Heavy)
  • Ozezan the Inferno Monster Set

The latter armor set is only available to players who cleared the dungeon in Veteran mode. Aside from those, there are several collectibles you can get by completing the dungeon.

  • Lost in the Woods (emote)
  • Sailor’s Sextant (emote)
  • Iterative Onyx Glyphic (memento)
  • Scrivener’s Ultramarine Dye
  • Weaver’s Bane (title)
  • Curator’s Champion (title)
  • Scribe Savior (title)

Enemies You Can Encounter in Scrivener’s Hall

Aside from the bosses, many other enemies roam the halls and corridors of the dungeon.

  • Battlescribes
  • Magma Bears
  • Storm Atronach
  • Hollow Armor Sentinels
  • Hollow Armor Duelists
  • Havocrels
  • Dremora
  • Iron Atronachs
  • Spiders
  • Spiderkith
  • Websnare Spider
  • Flesh Atronach

Take special note of Havocrels, as they have a nasty taunt-bypassing attack. They can leap toward a distant target damaging players in an AoE around the landing point. The other mobs shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

The Three Bosses

Ritemaster Naqri

He is the first boss of the dungeon. His fight is quite demanding in mechanics, and there’s much to watch out for. Here are his attacks and how to deal with them

Freezing Codex: Naqri summons a storm of books that flies around him in a small AoE. These will periodically fire off ice bolts that can deplete your HP in a few hits. Have your tank move Naqri away from these flying books making them less troubling. Also, be aware of your positioning!

Hidden Codex: When you’ve whittled down his health to specific points, the boss will summon a sizeable floating book. Once in a while, it will indicate where a hidden book must be destroyed to stop the attack. It will have one of three colored runes above it, which signifies different moves that continue until the codex is destroyed:

  • Red summons a mob that the party has to interrupt to prevent it from attacking
  • Green will mark an AoE attack beneath players. It will follow if you try to dodge, but blocking it will work.
  • White makes ghosts appear. These specters will attack with an undodgeable charged heavy attack you should block.

Unstable Literature: A green-tinged AoE spell appears on the ground. If nobody takes the hit, it will deal heavy damage to all in the party, potentially causing a wipe. Ideally, the tank should stand on the attack’s AoE.

Ritemaster Naqri will have more HP, and most of his attacks remain the same on hard mode. The most notable difference is that Unstable Literature will spawn two AoEs, which the tank and the healer must mitigate.

Ozezan the Inferno

The dungeon becomes hotter (literally!) when you arrive at the second boss. As his name suggests, he uses a lot of fire and lava-themed spells and attacks for his boss fight.

Lava Pools: Once in a while, Ozezan burrows into the ground and pops up elsewhere. It’s an okay mechanic, except he leaves behind a large area of lava at his starting point. These AoEs persist during the battle, adding an area denial factor. The tanks should mitigate this by overlapping the pools as much as possible.

Lasers: The boss targets two players and fires a laser that players must kite for a bit.

Poison Cone: Ozezan targets a cone-shaped area in front of him (usually along with the tank) for a cleave. The tank must make him face away from the party to avoid potential deaths.

Evolved Broodlings: They spawn throughout the fight. Their numbers must be thinned to avoid getting overwhelmed later. Leaving them alone also allows them to channel a potent damage-over-time-inducing attack, so interrupt them whenever possible.

Suction: Halfway through the fight, Ozezan will tunnel to the middle of the room and blanket the battlefield with a sucking AoE. Getting caught in it and reaching the center is a death sentence. You should go to the room’s edges, which still sucks you in but only up until mid-way. Just make sure you won’t cross and land on a lava pool along the way.

Iron Atronachs and Green Bugs join the fray with the Broodlings in hard mode. The insects are present in the default mode but turn into fire bolts for extra damage there. Still, if left unchecked, they could overwhelm the party, so squash the bugs when you see them. Also, his laser attack will target all four of you, so make sure you don’t run into each other while kiting.


As the last boss, she will make it challenging for you to finish the dungeon. She even brings a pet spider to aid her in battle!

Spider Enrage: Her pet spider turns red after a set amount of time, granting an agitated state and increasing its damage output. The NPC guiding you through the dungeon will summon a Frost AoE, then the tank must lure the spider into it to remove the buff and freeze the pet. This may repeat throughout the fight.

Fire Meteors: Periodically, the party will be marked by a red rune. If the players don’t move, they’ll eventually be hit by meteors that leave behind an area of burning fire. The trick is to make the meteors land at the room’s edges (not at the exit!) to put the fires out of the way.

Fiery Eruption: At a specific point in the battle, Valinna leaves the room and blankets the area with an AoE attack. The party must run through the exit to the next arena or be 1-hit killed by the eruption.

Ensnaring Spiders: After changing battlefields, these critters come into play. They appear at the room’s edges, target a player and encase them in a cocoon. They then slowly pull the cocoon, a death sentence for the trapped character if it reaches the spider. Kill the arachnid to save your ally.

Immolation Trap: AoEs will appear on the ground, growing in size until they explode. Just be patient and let it. Leaving its influence early will kill you instead.

Exploding Meteors: These appear on the ground periodically near the end of the fight. When left alone, it explodes, potentially wiping the party. Damage dealers should deal with them as soon as they appear.

Valinna is the one boss in the dungeon with no extra features in hard mode. However, it does make her hit a lot harder, increasing the importance of positioning and clearing the mechanics in time.

Secret Mechanics

When starting the dungeon, you’ll see a vault at the entrance. The guarding NPC says the keys have been stolen, so you can’t get in. If you do find them, he’ll let you in.

There are two keys stolen by Cartoklept Scamps. One can be found in a cave area after defeating the first boss. The other can be found in a spiderweb-infested area. Burn away the webs to access and defeat the Scamp. They’ll try running away initially, but you’ll eventually get them.

After defeating the final boss with the two keys collected, you can return to the vault. Inside are some extra loot, especially pieces of the set armor and treasure maps. That makes it worth hunting down the Scamps.

Enjoy the Scribes of Fate DLC!

This new DLC brings more than just the Scrivener’s Hall to Elder Scrolls Online. With unique storylines, companions, locations, and quests, the game has even more content to enjoy. While the dungeon doesn’t give you ESO mythic items, it’s still worth doing for the lore or collectibles. Have fun, and good luck in your forays in the dungeon!

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