Esports Life Tycoon – Coming to Steam Early Access soon!

Esports Life Tycoon – Coming to Steam Early Access soon!

A new game from the makers of Youtubers Life has been announced; Esports Life Tycoon!

In Esports Life Tycoon you will make your own esports team and become their main coach. Hire the best players and make them your superstars. Train your team and take care of their needs as well. You will not only have to take care of your players you will also have to expand your team and upgrade your gaming houses.

Go to tournaments with your team and win more and more prizes. If a player doesn’t suit your needs then maybe he doesn’t suit the team either. You will be the one that makes the decisions and you will also be the one that brings your team to the greatest tournaments around the world. This all with one goal in mind; to become the greatest esports team ever!

Esports Life Tycoon will be released for Steam Early Access on the 20th of June 2019 with a discount of -20% to celebrate the launch. Players that already own Youtubers Life or Esports Life Episode 1, which was in beta for discord subscribers, will get a 50% loyalty discount.

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