Evil Dead: The Game receives a spooky update with the Hail To the King Bundle

Evil Dead: The Game receives a spooky update with the Hail To the King Bundle

A while ago we had our first encounter with Evil Dead: The Game. This experience was enjoyable and we played for many hours with our favorite heroes from the franchise. Now, right in time for Halloween, comes a new DLC bundle to get the most out of your dark nights.

In the Hail To The King bundle, we see a new survivor, the Blacksmith, and five new skins for Lord Arthur, Henry the Red, and Ash. The Blacksmith is a hybrid support hero who is a master with all melee weapons, but cannot use ranged weapons. You will never come short of defensive tools when he activates his special ability. This ability generates random weapons for every team member with scrap found from around the battlefield. The more scrap you collect the greater chances you’ll have to craft items of a higher rarity.

Evil Dead: The Game is a fun co-op shooter where you and three others team up against the evil Kandarian Devil. These can take many forms and won’t stop until you are dead. Scavenge your way through the different locations, fight the many soldiers of the Evil Army, and get your hands on the Necronomicon. Thanks to the many different classes, you’ll have loads of different team load-outs and there is a character and style that fits every gamer. Just be sure to keep close to your friends, as getting caught alone with your pants down will make you scared like the many Halloween parties that are coming up.

Besides the DLC, there is also a free update that adds a new single-player side mission and new weapons to the game. Everything is available starting now, the DLC is free for season pass owners or can be bought as a standalone pack.

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