Exotic accessory bundle for the New 3DS out now

Exotic accessory bundle for the New 3DS out now

With the release of the latest New Nintendo 3DS-system, the Bigben assortment of video game accessories will be expanded with new products. Their full ecosystem of Nintendo, from case to stylus will be developed in five popular colors. This assortment is including the “Flip’n Play-case”, an lovely case with a billfold structure. With this case you will be able to play without having the need to take it out of the case every time. Bigben interactive always delivers a bundle of essential accessories to protect the console and allow it to be securely carried everywhere.

The accessory line contains:

  • A seven piece bundle for the New Nintendo 3DS, available in 5 colors.
  • Screen protectors for the New 3DS and New 3DSXL.
  • A Rugged transparent case for the New 3DSXL.
  • “Flip’n Play-case” for the New 3DSXL, available in 5 colors.
  • Eight stylus bundle in various colors for the New 3DSXL

This bundle is for sale right now.

Bigben New 3DS 01

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