EXOVERB – Short Test

EXOVERB – Short Test

Not too long ago we came into contact with the DearVR Mix plug-in, which proved to be a valuable asset and tool for people in the music industry. Of course, as we are a site that is more directed toward gamers, we are very much casual enthusiasts of the craft. We love exploring new things to see how they tick, but also to see what other people pour into their profession or hobbies. This now brings us to the EXOVERB plug-in that further enhances the options you have to edit your musical creations.

As stated in the announcement article back in November, EXOVERB is an ideal tool with a plethora of different options. These options will allow you to hear how your music would sound under different conditions and you can edit things accordingly. Once again, for us, this was a massive challenge as we are not used to working with software such as this. However, we were actually surprised with how easy the software is to navigate, and even though our own productions are of low quality, it was actually a lot of fun and very interesting to see what we could do. The following clip on the Dear Reality YouTube page will already show you the basics.

As you can see in the above clip, it’s very easy to create different conditions, be it the general ‘conditions’, as well as the spatial separation. You can make things pop more or you can decide to have them fade more into the background. The UI is very easy to navigate, and even with some trial and error, you’ll find how to ‘mess around’ with the things you’re interested in. It’s quite impressive to see how much editing ‘power’ you can have by using a plug-in such as this.


Plug-ins such as these are something we aren’t used to working with on a day-to-day basis, but they do make a lot of the steps of the music editing process a lot more accessible. Take us for example, completely illiterate when it comes to music editing, and we found our way around the plug-in quite nicely. Of course, we didn’t produce anything worth mentioning, but we can see plug-ins such as this work for both newcomers to the editing scene and those who already have quite a bit of experience under their belt.

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