Sennheiser has everything you need to make immersive audio

Sennheiser has everything you need to make immersive audio

Sennheiser’s Dear Reality is a product range that really cares to bring its customers the most perfect audio experience there is. Now with the newest update for dearVR MONITOR, there are a few quality-of-life upgrades and Dear Reality also releases their new IMMERSIVE BUNDLE. Very recently we had our hands on EXOVERB which is a DearVR Mix plug-in that is an accessible tool to create different conditions to sound editing.

The IMMERSIVE BUNDLE combines the two most popular professional plug-ins, dearVR MONITOR and dearVR PRO. Both plug-ins will give a serious boost to widen your technical horizon and easily transports you to the immersive world of audio. The dearVR PRO can also be really interesting for game developers as this plug-in allows you to easily spatialize sound sources in a 360° sound file to create even more immersive sound productions.

The dearVR MONITOR gives the user access to an immersive audio mixing chamber where you can make it sound like you are in a virtual room through any regular headset. However, using this software with one of the advised headsets like the Sennheiser HD 400 will grant you much better accuracy to mix their sounds within a personal acoustic reference room. This gives you all the high-detail resolution of a professional sound chamber in the comfort of your own headset. Now in the latest update, you can discover Pro Tools M1 native support for Apples M1 Silicon-architecture, the Dear Reality license manager for professional users and four new headset profiles to work with.

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