Extra information about Umbra

Extra information about Umbra

Mark the 13th of May in your agendas. This will be the day that SolarFall Games will have their first day of their kickstarter for the title Umbra. This game will be an action RPG, powered by CryEngine3.

Today, we can present you a gameplay mechanics video which will explain two basic principles. The first mechanic is the ‘Resource Opposition’ system that is implemented to provide more balance and freedom for customizing your characters. The other one is the ‘Elemental Effect Interaction’  which will give you the possibility to manage the effectiveness of Fire, Lightning, Water and Ice according to the environment and the combination of character’s skills.

If this got you interested, here are some other features:

  • Free-class character development system
  • A true open-world
  • Highly customizable weaponry
  • A housing system
  • And much more



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