Farming Simulator 17 gets its own E3 2016 trailer

Farming Simulator 17 gets its own E3 2016 trailer

The Farming Simulator games were an enormous success throughout the years with almost 5 million players on consoles and PC worldwide. This community of farmers has been eagerly awaiting any news about the next installment, Farming Simulator 17. Today, their call for fresh news has been answered! At E3 2016 Giants Software showcased it’s Farming Simulator 17 E3 2016 trailer which will take players back to their beloved farm.

The trailer highlights a couple of new features including:

  • A brand-new environment
  • New vehicles
  • New animals to breed
  • New gameplay mechanics

By adding these new features Giants Software is hoping to bring back fans and attract new players willing to play their beloved simulator. The game also introduces a couple of new brands including: Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, and Valtra. The new installment will also support mods both on PC and consoles created by a community of Farming Simulator players. Throughout the next couple of months even more features will be revealed.

Farming Simulator 17 will release at the end of 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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