Fascism Fighters 4000 coming to Tango Fiesta today

Fascism Fighters 4000 coming to Tango Fiesta today

Today, Spilt Milk Studios, creators of the top-down co-op shooter Tango Fiesta have announced a brand new piece of DLC for Tango Fiesta called Fascism Fighters 4000. This DLC focuses on smashing fascism and fighting the evil forces of oppression in a not-so-distant-future.

As a bonus to this announcement, all profits from this DLC will be donated to Black Lives Matter charities to help fight fascism in real-life. Spilt Milk Studios wants to make it clear that fascism is something that they absolutely hate. With equality being a standard right for all humans, they want to contribute to erasing as much of fascism, racism and inequality as possible.

To see more about Tango Fiesta or the Fascism Fighters 4000 DLC, you can check out the Steam page by clicking here. The trailer for Fascism Fighters 4000 can be watched below.

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