Fast-paced action puzzler Jumpala released on Steam

Fast-paced action puzzler Jumpala released on Steam

Today, Versus Evil and Yokereba Games have announced the release of their new action puzzler, Jumpala on Steam for PC.

Jumpala is all about superpowers, sabotage and stage control. You can choose between seven characters that all have their own unique abilities as they race to the top of the stage. As players jump from platform to platform, they will turn into their color and will eventually fall of the stage. Each platform in your color that falls of the stage will earn you points according to the number mentioned on the platform. Whoever has the highest score at the end of a match will win. A Special meter will allow players to activate their character’s special moves that drop bombs, freeze opponents and more. Power-ups will drop during each match, heating up the action even more.

Jumpala can be played with up to three other players in free-for-all matches or 2v2 matches. If you’re running low on friends to play with you, you can also challenge CPU opponents or take on others in online action.

Below, you can check out the launch trailer for Jumpala.

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