Finders Reapers – Review
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Finders Reapers – Review

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Finders Reapers is one of those games that seems heavily inspired by popular Battle Royale games such as Fortnite. Finders Reapers is not a game that’s played on such a massive scale but seemingly tries to simulate the same feeling and experience. While you do find multiplayer action in it, it’s also focussing on simple action for solo players, next to the general multiplayer chaos you can find in the general Battle Royale genre. 


While Finders Reapers has some missions, there is no story present aside from a goofy bit in the tutorial. Here you “accidentally” shoot the ultimate reaper, who is essentially the “number one friendly slayer” in the game’s world. The passing of the ultimate reaper means there is an opening in the universe to become the new ultimate reaper. When playing the main game after this introduction, there is no more story than this present. You simply start somewhere on a map and join the game for some instant action. While actual story progression is missing, the game has loads of characters to collect, and these all look fairly interesting. Sadly, they come without any background or reason why they are fighting, leaving a possible ‘story’ in your own hands. It could have used a bit more lore, but given the nature of the game, it’s not really something that will end up deterring possible players.


The graphic appeal that Finders Reapers has might be its best side. The simple maps you find yourself on are loaded with cute models of all sorts of objects, giving every area that feeling like you are playing a match of paintball. The cuteness is contrasted by the occasional head popping of a body (in a not too graphic way), which gives the game a certain satisfying edge that makes it appealing to all. While never going all-out, the game has a certain something that makes it quite likable.


The music in Finders Reapers really isn’t all that great and sounds like it has a lot of ”free-from-the-internet” files in it. On the other hand, it’s not that bothersome, which is mainly because the game doesn’t take itself too seriously. There are some cartoon-like sounds implemented, and most of them are, at their best, comparable to i.e. the Worms games. Because it’s easier to get away with all types of (cheaper-sounding) effects and music when humor or cartoon-like content is involved, it doesn’t become too jarring in this scenario.


Finders Reapers is a third-person action-packed shooter. In a way, it feels a lot like a dumbed-down, smaller version of games such as Fortnite. The game is mainly focused on accessible action, mixed with some chaos and a hint of luck. The latter might be somewhat frustrating from time to time. As an example, an enemy might spawn right next to you but because they just spawned they have a moment of invulnerability, leaving you open for a barrage of one-sided damage.

Other than the tiny bit of luck included, the game is actually pretty fair and straightforward in its approach. While there are small variations in the gameplay, which include i.e. a timer, the game always relies on you to gather objects falling from the sky. An object can be a banana or a kitchen knife, but it could also be an emerald or a gold bar. Depending on which object it is, some objects are worth more than others. Once you picked up objects, you can try to pawn them at one of the shops on the map. Be quick about it though, because if you get shot down by an enemy, your loot is scattered around your body for others to pick up.

The ultimate goal is to hoard and safeguard the most money the fastest while shooting enemies to prevent them from reaching this goal. The game has some missions versus A.I, or some online playability, where the latter also seemingly fills the lobby with A.I. if there are no available opponents. Because it largely feels like the same gameplay over and over again, no matter what you play, the game is mainly fun to be played in short bursts, playing just a few rounds with or without friends. There are only a few weapons and no matter which you have, they all rely on run-and-gun tactics. Overall, the basic offset makes the games accessible for all but also has something to offer to those who want a slightly competitive game. The main progression in the game is all about succeeding in the missions and possibly unlocking all (so far) 224 characters, which might be enough to keep a younger audience entertained. For others, it will probably be a fun little arcade game with some slight variation.


While the graphics are done well for a simple game, the music is a bit poor in Finders Reapers, somewhat balancing the scale of the game’s atmosphere. While the game could perhaps have used a bit of additional story content, it’s also one of those games that can do without. Last but not least, Finders Reapers is amusing in its accessibility and content, but also somewhat repetitive, making it more of an arcade game for most.

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Finders Reapers - Review, 5.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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