First Naruto mobile open world MMORPG announced

First Naruto mobile open world MMORPG announced

Today, the new mobile game company Mars games has revealed that they’re publishing a Naruto mobile open-world MMORPG called Naruto: Slugfest. This will be the first-ever 3D MMORPG Naruto mobile game to be released on mobile devices. This game will be coming to North America, South America, and Europe. Naruto: Slugfest is scheduled to be released this spring for Android and iOS. The game will be produced under the supervision of the IP holders to offer fans of the series a perfect way to adventure with Naruto and protect his Ninja Way.

Naruto: Slugfest lets players step into Naruto’s anime environment and explore the world while also experiencing animated in-game cutscenes with the original voice actors. After Naruto has returned from his training with Jiraiya, he is ready for action and players can immerse themselves in the journey of Naruto through the Shippuden Arcs. The game will feature four unique character classes, a dynamic and detailed Ecosystem and more.

You can now pre-register for this game through the App Store or the Google Play Store or by going to the game’s own website. To be assured of a special gift pack, you should pre-register at the game’s own website. You can get there by clicking here.

The official reveal trailer of Naruto: Slugfest can be watched below.

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