Foresight available on Friday

Foresight available on Friday

Kiss Ltd and Stride Interactive will be releasing a new strategic game this Friday called Foresight.

The game is set in a distant future where humanity has been decimated by a nuclear war. As planet Earth slowly dies, the survivors eventually have to face up to the inevitable and go in search of a new habitable planet. But as the survivors travel in to the unknown, dangers await and battles for survival will ensue.

Foresight is a space-themed real-time strategy game, the game focuses more on the strategy and less on the tactics.


Features of the game are:

  • Focus on military strategy skills and not on the ability to build bigger, faster, more powerful ships.
  • The micro-artificial intelligence modules embedded in the game does all the boring stuff for you.
  • The greater the tactical skills, the greater the fleet.
  • Multiple worlds and galaxies to explore, each one requiring its own unique strategy.
  • Strategic ship deployment to ensure a balanced mix of offense and defence capabilities.
  • Play as one of three unique races – each one different to the other.

Foresight will be available via PC digital download on Friday the 28th of November.

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