Fort Meow gets a trailer

Fort Meow gets a trailer

As the name of the publishers might say, Surprise Attack Games make games that give you a lot of surprises. And cats. Fort Meow is a physics-based puzzle adventure where you have loads of cats and pillows.

Everything starts with Nia, a little girl who discovers her grandfather’s journal in the big attic of her grandmother’s manor. All of the sudden, she is attacked by a cat, and then another one, and some other ones, … until she needs to build a fort to protect herself before she gets crushed by feline power. She needs extra furniture to survive the soft killers and so she will need to explore every nook of the house to gather items.

These are some features of the game:

  • Physics-based fort building utilising household items, each with unique properties

  • Unravel the mysteries of the journal as you learn more about how the cats invaded the attic

  • Over twenty items to unlock and strengthen your fort of protection as you explore the manor and discover more secrets

  • Tonnes of cats hell bent on your destruction

  • Coming to tablets and PC in 2015.

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